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L-3 TCS has assembled a uniquely qualified Team with the depth and diversity of experience required to fully support Air Force Material Command (AFMC), and in particular, Ogden Air Logistics Center (OO-ALC), U.S. Army Tank and Automotive Command (TACOM), and other Air Force, Army, and Department of Defense (DoD) agencies.  L-3 TCS’ subcontractors provide unparalleled core business capabilities, resulting in an extremely diversified, highly experienced Team, that addresses the full spectrum of AFMC requirements.  Team members have direct AFMC and DoD experience, and have made the corporate commitment to apply all needed critical expertise and other necessary resources to provide the highest quality, most responsive DESP II services available.





DESP II Team Members

10 dB Gain, LLC is a small, woman-owned business that provides professional systems engineering, logistics management, intelligence, program management, and resource optimization solutions to the Department of Defense.  With offices in Georgia, New Jersey, and Texas, our staff provides key assistance to the C4ISR communities within the Army, Air Force, and DoD agencies.


aepco Advanced Engineering & Planning Corp, Inc. (AEPCO), founded in 1979, is an engineering and research firm providing quality technology for government and private sector clients. By applying innovative principles to complex modern problems, AEPCO has succeeded in establishing an excellent performance record through a multitude of contracts.  The ongoing demands of our profession have served not as obstacles but as inducements to our growth. In a world of rapid changes, our commitment to excellence presents tremendous challenges we welcome with enthusiasm and resolve.  The cornerstone of AEPCO’s success has always been our personnel. We have worked hard to cultivate a seasoned, dedicated staff of more than 400 professionals and support personnel in multiple disciplines, including project managers, systems analysts, systems engineers, and technicians. AEPCO’s corporate style balances effective managerial control with worker creativity and independence. Our quest for technical excellence, consistent management, and innovative judgment create a milieu at AEPCO where job satisfaction and client service are a simultaneous occurrence.

arinc ARINC is a diversified company with a corporate heritage of serving Government and industry customers since 1929. ARINC efforts focus on three major business areas: national defense, civil aviation, and transportation and communications networks. ARINC maintains 84 offices worldwide, and serves more than 3,000 customers in 140 countries.


BAI Aerosystems, a division of L-3 Communications Corp., designs, manufactures, and integrates Unmanned Aircraft Systems, targeting the tactical (less than 500 pounds) UAS segment. L-3 BAI Aerosystems also offers a complete line of subsystems, including avionics and auto pilots, imaging and sensor payloads, ground control stations, support equipment, and launchers, which are incorporated into its proprietary designs as well as sold to other UAV manufacturers.  Founded in 1985, L-3 BAI has sold over 1,100 UAVs and currently has aircraft and support personnel deployed in support of U.S. operations in Iraq and Afghanistan.  The principal uses of L-3 BAI’s aircraft are in the military for remote imaging applications in surveillance missions. L-3 BAI’s products are also used by a growing number of defense and commercial customers around the world who require the ability to perform intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) on a persistent basis.  L-3 BAI Aerosystems’ unmanned aircraft systems, support equipment, and launchers that are in military use overseas are also being operated by law enforcement, the scientific community, and many other applications domestically.


ball Ball Aerospace and Technologies Corp (Ball) has been a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of space systems; satellite payloads; spacecraft; space systems and subsystems antennas; video products; GPS equipment; laser communications; cryogenic systems; electro-optical sensors; and pointing and tracking mechanisms for military and specialized civil markets.


BLACKHAWK Management Corporation’s capabilities are centered in four major areas: Engineering/Manufacturing – BLACKHAWK has a well established engineering and manufacturing capability primarily focused on sustainment of electronic elements of airborne intelligence systems, capabilities include: engineering analysis and design, engineering documentation development, and manufacturing and testing of completed end items.  Information Technology - BLACKHAWK provides IT solutions for technology challenges that are prevalent in common every day operating environments, and in unique, austere field operations and contingency environments, capabilities include:  integrated applications, services, and network transport capabilities across war fighting, intelligence, and business missions that enable leader-centric operations anytime, anywhere, at every echelon.  Logistics and Maintenance – The BLACKHAWK Logistics and Maintenance capability is a multifaceted operation encompassing a broad range from a “boots on the ground environment” to sophisticated logistics engineering activities, capabilities include:  Warehousing Support in Iraq for the U. S. Army to new equipment fielding support to sparing analysis for NASA’s International Space Station.   Program Management Support - BLACKHAWK program management support includes budget/schedule development, analysis and management; independent program risk assessments; contract close-out; configuration management and systems engineering and technical assistance (SETA).  Customers supported include the Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC), the US Army Tank-automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM), the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), and NASA’s International Space Station Program (ISSP).


Bowen, Collins & Associates, Inc. (BC&A) is a Utah engineering firm providing professional services in water, wastewater, storm water, groundwater, air quality, environmental, and commercial development services. The company was established in 1997 by partners with a combined fifty years of experience in the Utah market. Our staff is experienced in the study and design of flood control and drainage facilities; water facilities including pump stations, pipelines, wells, reservoirs, canals; wastewater treatment and collection facilities, groundwater wells, hydrogeologic studies, and environmental permitting. Our staff have performed numerous master plans, feasibility studies, and final designs, and provided construction management services.


drc logo DRC is an innovative solutions provider. Parterning with goverment customers, DRC applies proven processes and technology. DRC delivers engineering, logistics and information technology services and precision manufactured products that enhance the performance and cost effectiveness of mission-critical systems. Business solutions include: Business Intelligence; Business Transformation; Acquisition Management Services; Training and Performance Support; Automated Case Management; IT Infrastructure Services and UID Process Development and Marketing.


engility Engility Corporation, headquartered in Burlington, Massachusetts, is a systems acquisition solutions and services provider. We provide the U.S. Air Force with Command, Control, Communications, and Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (C4ISR) and Information Technology (IT) acquisition support to ensure information dominance. Engility's proven engineering professionals, supporting staff, and management team, grounded in disciplined engineering process, have more than 25 years experience working alongside the Air Force Electronics Systems Center (ESC) to enable mission success.


ISA Innovative Systems Architect Corporation (ISA), a Utah-based company, is a leading provider of information technology services. Founded in 1996 and certified by the Small Business Administration ( SBA) as an 8(a) company in 1998, ISA was ranked as the eighth fastest growing company in Utah in 1993. ISA’s core business areas include systems integration; software engineering and development; software process improvement consulting; network and network security engineering; and radar systems engineering.

intuitive Intuitive Research and Technology Corporation (Intuitive) provides a myriad of services in production support, systems engineering, product development, rapid prototyping and technology management solutions. We are a performance driven organization committed to the success and long term achievement of our clients. INTUITIVE maintains a systems engineering staff equipped with extensive experience and the latest tools available to provide scientific management and technical solutions in all phases of the system life cycle. In addition, we developed strategic partnerships and maintain a pool of multidisciplinary subject matter experts to meet our unique customer requirements.  Intuitive Research and Technology Corporation is certified by the Small Business Administration (SBA) as a Small and Disadvantaged Business (SDB) and as an 8(a) Company and ISO 9001:2000 certified by the National Standard Authority of Ireland.


L-3 Advanced Products & Design's Rapid Retargeting® design process solves obsolescence issues by capturing existing component, board or subsystem functionality and upgrading it to modern technology, creating a form, fit and functional replacement. Retargeting is typically done when existing hardware becomes usupportable. The retargeting effort begins by extracting the functionality of the target hardware and capturing it in hardware description language software (e.g. VHDL). The resulting model is simulated and compared with the original hardware for verification. Once verified, the model is implemented in a new hardware design using high performance, programmable components. The result is a highly portable technology that makes subsequent hardware modifications and upgrades much easier, providing an obsolescence solution for the lifetime of the system.


L-3 Communications, Applied Signal & Image Technology (L-3 ASIT) has been a provider of innovative signal processing solutions for use by the US military and intelligence community since 1992.  The mission of L-3 ASIT is to provide our customers with high performance products and solutions along with comprehensive training and support.  A prime focus of L-3 ASIT is to provide these solutions quickly and economically.  Quick Reaction Capability (QRC) is part of our corporate culture with many of our systems designed and completed in less than six months.

L-3 Communications Communications Systems –West Engineering and Technical Services (E&TS) is headquartered in Cape Canaveral, Florida, with Centers of Excellence (CoE) in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Cape Canaveral, Florida and Santa Maria, California, Engineering and Technical Services (E&TS) is a part of the L-3 Communication Systems -West division. These regional headquarters provide system and network sustainment, software and hardware engineering, systems analysis, configuration and data management as well as integration and test support.  Our mission is to integrate, field, support and economically sustain C4ISR technologies, weapon systems and networks – extending the product lifecycle while delivering maximum mission readiness and operational availability. We provide full-spectrum, cradle to grave system sustainment support and are focused on providing substantial cost savings to our customers covering the entire lifecycle of a system. We accomplish this through a comprehensive mosaic of sustainment processes, meaningful metrics and technologies that unlock efficiencies and reduce the total cost of ownership.

L-3 GSI, headquartered in Chantilly, VA, is a nationally recognized engineering and information technology services company that has successfully provided more than 25 years of comprehensive technical and program management support to clients worldwide.  With revenues of over $600M and staffed by over 2,200 employees, L-3 GSI serves a customer base that includes a wide range of federal, state, and local agencies, the Department of Defense (DoD), the Unified and Specified Commands, the U.S. intelligence community, and United States Special Operations Forces. With multiple offices and operating locations throughout the United States and the world, L-3 GSI applies operational expertise and cutting-edge technology to produce advanced solutions for its clients. L-3 GSI's primary areas of service solutions include C4ISR; modeling, simulation and analysis (MS&A); high-end consulting; logistics support; and analytics and intelligence, information technology, security, engineering and scientific, and program support services. L-3 GSI also manufactures wireless communications and integrates enhanced video surveillance systems, access control systems, and other Homeland Defense technologies.  Approximately 30% of all L-3 employees hold active security clearances and more than 500 L-3 GSI employees hold a Top Secret clearance.


L-3 ILEX Systems is a systems and software engineering firm specializing in life cycle support services focused in the command, control, communications, computer, intelligence and reconnaissance (C4ISR) and air traffic control (ATC) domains. Its core competencies are legacy software sustainment/modernization, interoperability and standardization and specialized training services, such as human intelligence (HUMINT) training and computer-based training systems.



L-3 Communications Integrated Systems (L-3/IS) is recognized internationally as a systems integration organization specializing in the modernization and maintenance of aircraft of all sizes, and the study, design, development, and integration of special-mission systems for military and commercial applications.  Headquartered in Greenville, Texas, L-3/IS also has operations throughout the world.


L-3 MAS is a leading provider of aeronautical product life-cycle extension and support services and aircraft maintenance to government departments and agencies as well as commercial customers. Our key business activities are Military Aviation Services and Commercial Aviation Services.  With operating centers throughout Canada and more than  1000 dedicated employees, we provide our customers with optimum value through integrated solutions, from engineering design and analysis through repair and installation to full certification to both national and international standards.


L-3 Microdyne Outsourcing Inc. is a leading global contact center network manager, providing award-winning 24/7 technical support, customer care, depot repair and refurbishment and electronic support solutions from multiple worldwide facilities. Its clientele is comprised of established and growing high- technology organizations that provide a variety of hardware, software and services to businesses and end-users.


L-3 Aviation and Maritime Services Division (AMSD) is one of the largest information technology enterprises in the nation, and is a leading provider of comprehensive enterprise information and communications systems solutions, infrastructure, products and services to the Department of Defense, the Department of Homeland Security, other key government and intelligence agencies and the Aerospace community. The multidisciplined, often cross-organizational, mission-critical facets of Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance - commonly called C4ISR - represent L-3 Titan Corporation's core expertise.


L-3 SPD Electrical Systems (SPDES). With beginnings that date back over 100 years, L-3 Communications SPD Electrical Systems is the world's leading supplier of shock-hardened circuit breakers and switchgear for harsh environment applications. A business unit of parent companies L-3 Communications and Power & Control Systems Group, L-3 SPD Electrical Systems provides innovative power protection equipment for the world's cities and industrial complexes. The company has also been very successful in the demanding transportation arena, supplying state-of-the-art control devices, high speed circuit breakers and switchgear for modern transit vehicles and traction power substations.  L-3 SPD Electrical Systems brings a wealth of experience to the commercial utilities and transportation arenas that comes from a century of success supplying ruggedized power protection equipment to United States Navy surface ships and submarines. All L-3 SPD Electrical Systems equipment is manufactured and assembled in the United States.  L-3 SPD Electrical Systems has earned the prestigious ISO 9001 certification for the manufacture, testing and factory servicing of air and molded-case circuit breakers and accessories for use in commercial, military and nuclear applications. This is an assurance that L-3 SPD Electrical Systems quality-management processes are among the very best in the world, and that the company's products and services represent unchallenged superiority and unquestioned value.


L-3 Communications Titan Corporation Unidyne Division [L-3 Unidyne], a division of L-3 Communications, is a large business possessing all the necessary resources required to meet customer’s needs with the responsiveness of a small business.  We are proud to offer an experienced staff of engineering professionals, technicians, and craftsmen dedicated to quality design, manufacturing and installation of products and systems.  Employing traditional and automated techniques, L-3 Unidyne achieves excellence in mechanical and electrical/electronic component fabrication and installation.  The typical services that L-3 Unidyne provides to its customers include the removal, fabrication, relocation, installation, maintenance, engineering design, and manufacturing of equipment/systems to include site preparation of facilities.  L-3 Unidyne assists all Department of Defense and other Government Agencies at various shore activities, training sites, laboratories, ships (both surface and submarine), and remote locations both CONUS and OCONUS.


nta National Technologies Associates, Inc. (NTA) was founded in 1981 to provide a full range of technical support services to government and commercial clients. Since that time, we have grown to over 700 full-time professional, operating from a network of more than 20 regional offices nationwide. We are an Employee Owned Company and recognize the importance of our employees.  With our Defense clients, our focus is on helping clients design, acquire, operate, and maintain a variety of complex systems throughout their life cycle. In addition, we provide information technology services, training Services and outsourcing to a variety of Government clients.  Our direction is carefully charted against firmly established goals and objectives, with strong corporate commitment to quality products and services. Our corporate processes are registered to the ISO 9001-2000 standard. The test of our success is that the quality of our products and services result in repeat customers and steady Corporate growth in this very competitive marketplace.

ndgi Navigator Development Group Inc. is a service disabled veteran-owned business that offers skilled subject matter expert experience. Our experience and business alliance network develops economic relationships and supports interaction across the global community. We plan and develop interface capabilities for delivering customized business solutions with advanced interoperability.  Our consultants and professionals maintain an exceptional reputation for providing intellectual capital to government and industry clients in many of our nation’s most highly visible programs.  Our expanded business model accelerates timelines from concept to completion. We have built our business on providing custom services and solutions tailored to meeting client needs. We provide unique options and evaluate, research, analyze, plan, design, develop, test, integrate and deliver advanced business solutions. We offer a variety of diverse services such as information technology (IT), process improvement, modeling and simulation, staff augmentation, training and 3-D interactive technology.

Northrop Grumman Navigation Systems Division (NSD) provides situational awareness electronic systems and products for defense, civil, and commercial markets.  NSD offers inertial navigation systems, with and without embedded GPS, Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) systems, Fiber Optic Acoustic Systems (FOAS), integrated avionics and vetronics systems, and logistic support products and services.


Northrop Grumman Navigation Technical Services provides situational awareness electronic systems and products for defense, civil, and commercial markets.  NSD offers inertial navigation systems, with and without embedded GPS, Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) systems, Fiber Optic Acoustic Systems (FOAS), integrated avionics and vetronics systems, and logistic support products and services.


Spectrum is a veteran-owned small business that serves the Department of Defense and other federal agencies, and has been instrumental in the planning, design, implementation, and maintenance of our government’s Intelligence Exploitation Systems. Spectrum’s divisional focus includes C4ISR, Information Operations, Acquisitions & Logistics, Research & Analysis and Envision Labs, offering innovative solutions to ISR problems. The company supports customers worldwide from its locations in Virginia, Georgia, Texas, California, Hawaii, and Korea.


System Studies & Simulation (S3) - a global, woman-owned, small business – provides comprehensive, state-of-the-art technical services in six areas: Integrated Research and Development; Army/Joint Transformation; Integrated Information Technology; Acquisition, Systems Engineering, Programmatics, and Test & Evaluation; Logistics Operations; and Training and Sustainment. 


 TEKsystems is a technology execution company that specializes in IT Staffing, Technical Training Services, Teaming Services, QA, and IV&V.  TEKsystems has more than 20 years experience providing technical professionals and services to a wide variety of government agencies and integrators. As the nation’s largest IT staffing services firm, we are uniquely qualified to provide rapid response to large and highly specialized government programs.  We have broad experience supporting government contractors throughout Utah, as well as through our network of 80 CONUS offices.  When we combine our extensive geographic reach with 1000+ recruiters and our flexible pricing model, we are capable of creating a defensible differentiation on any program that has a request for surge staffing, security clearances, or a national presence. 


tsci The Sustainable Company, Inc. (TSCI) – TSCI’s founding principals bring an average of 22 years of progressive environmental, health, and safety management experience to the task of solving complex client problems. Whether compliance, remediation, environmental management or information technology systems are indicated, TSCI has the resource base required to field exactly the right team.


wvtec Wave Technologies, Inc. (WTI), a Veteran-owned, HUBZone certified small business.  We are a rapidly growing small business that provides telecommunications, information technology (IT), ISR systems engineering and integration, and financial and research and development services to government clients in the intelligence and national security fields at security levels up to TS/SCI and special programs requiring personnel with polygraphs.  The WTI staff understands the technology and has the experience required to process and exploit large scale knowledge bases, support the planning, design, development, integration, installation, production engineering, and operations of C4ISR systems, research and development of knowledge discovery and packaging technologies, IT solutions, local area networks (LAN), and support ISR system lifecycle engineering and programmatic requirements.

wintec WinTec Arrowmaker, Inc. is a closely held “C” Corporation providing contractor services to the Federal Government, primarily the Department of Defense (DoD). Our core service is Systems Engineering and Technical Assistance (SETA) and a majority of WinTec customers are engaged in providing emerging technology solutions to special mission organizations. WinTec Arrowmaker, Inc. has invested in a corporate infrastructure that has produced an organization with the information systems, networking capacity, employee resources, accounting systems, contract management, and corporate controls to provide our DoD customers the best-value services including:   Military special operations, EOD, and R&D; Combating terrorism R&D (full spectrum); Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear countermeasures; Improvised Explosive Device Defeat; Personnel/Physical Security; Infrastructure Protection; Distance Learning; C4I systems and technology; Prototype robotics and sensor technical support;Graphic arts design, illustration and production; and Technical support for robotics, UAVs and prototype systems.






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