L-3 TCS specializes in fixed and rotary wing aircraft and avionics system enginering services. Also offering program office support, aircraft hardware and software integration and documentation support, L-3 TCS is well respected in the industry for their quality products and support.

Engineering Services - Aircraft and Avionics Systems Hardware/Software Integration, Development, Modification, Troubleshooting, Test and Evaluation

Program Office Support -
OSS&E, R&M, Mod Management, Configuration Management

Documentation Support - Drawings, Technical Orders, Technical Manuals, TCTOs/MWOs
L-3 TCS has provided services for numerous fixed and
rotary-wing aircraft, including:
• HH/MH-60G
• MH-60L (SOFSA)
• UH-60 Simulator (SOFSA)
• VH-60 (SOFSA)
• UH-60A/L (SSSI)
• SH-60 (ATIMS)
• MH-53J/M (SOFSA)
• AH-64 (Deep Look)
• H-3 (SSSI)
• UH-1N (Radios)
• DHC-6 (Twin Otter)
• MC-130H (IWSSP)
• HU-25 Guardian (Coast Guard)
• BAC 1-11
• AC-130H APN-241 Radar Integration
• C-130H APN-241 Radar Integration
• MC-130W (CLR)
• TH-1H
• Poland C-130E Modification
TH-1H Glass Cockpit Modification
Before & After